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Precision's Annual "Give Back"

Precision 702 has a focused vision opening its doors in 2016 with property maintenance (and handyman) services and expanding into our own general contracting license by 2018. Precision 702 is a locally known brand, a company that’s Accountable, Reliable and Trustworthy, with Integrity.


Precision 702 is builiding towards providing a free service or donation annually. Our way of giving back, thanking  and supporting our community for sticking with us through our journey and success. This "give back" will used to improve shelters, provide food and clothes for those in need, create a memorable Christmas for local families or to make it possible for someone less fortunate in our community to attend college.


Our intention is to grow our annual "give back" as our business grows. Over the next few years, watch as Precision 702 becomes an integral part of the Las Vegas, having successfully made a positive, recognizable difference in our community and in turn, the pleasure of calling our company a true, local, success.


Check back to see what Precision 702 has been supporting in our local community!


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