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"These are the best guys to hire for your home or office repair work and remodelling. They have done numerous jobs for me and always exceed my expectations. They are prompt, courteous and very knowledgable about their field. I recommend Precision 702 Property Maintenance to all my friends with confidence that they will be in good hands."


- Dr. Pam [More...]

Learn more about how we can help with commercial work, minor renovations, repairs and remodelling at home, everything deserves precision!

We are experienced in projects which have involved; custom homes, restaurants, retail, religious facilities, special needs, corporate, residential, commercial, and other general facilities involving diverse ranges from new construction, tenant improvements and renovations/remodels, including retail stores in casinos, multimillion dollar homes for surgeons, dentists, lawyers, CPA’s and accounting firms, banks, and other business owners. We also have experience in Eco projects as well. Although we are not general contracotrs, this is all possible because of a wide variety of general contractors, contractors, vendors and suppliers we have affiliated ourselves with. Simply put, if we can't do something ouselves, we more than likely know someone that we trust as reliable and efficient that we can go to so you are taken care of. We have built our brand to be your one stop shop for all the needs you may have! Check out our list that illustrates the many facets of work we have been involved with in one way or another below...

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Precision 702's Process

Beginning with a conversation asking questions and listening to you about what you would like to achieve. In most cases, this is the first step with an onsite walkthrough being required to provide a final quote. Our expert spends an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour with clients onsite listening and assessing the project taking necessary measurements, considering the time it will take as well as the materials essential for the project to be completed.

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

Our Precision 702 expert will take the time to analyze what needs to be done for the project, once they are satisfied with what it will take to create precision, they will take some time alone to calculate a final quote for our client to review. Our expert will then take the time to go over the quote together to explain or answer any questions before the client approves the quote to move forward.

Phase 2: Project Proposal

When you are ready to move forward, we will have agreed on the quote, the projected cost of the material (remember that you will only pay receipt value for materials and not a dollar more!) and together, decide on when to begin as well as our project timeline. Precision 702 begins the project according to the agreed timeline and details that were approved, working hard and committed that everything is completed with precision.

Phase 3: Agree & Commence

When the project is completed, Precision 702 process requires a final inspection of the jobsite double checking the work has been completed with precision. Once we have inspected work, we look over the work with the client and request feedback to sign off on the project completion. This allows for our clients to voice their satisfaction as well as for us to make note and follow up if there is anything that is not up to the clients expectations.

Phase 4: Inspection & Feedback

We take care of our clients as we take care of friends and family which simply means, we sincerely care about you, our clients. We are reliable, trustworthy, and accountable. When you choose Precision 702 it are those values you can expect. If you want quality and relate to our values, Precision 702 was created for YOU.


Thank you for giving us something that is so important to you, your attention.


"Adam & Lyle handled the job in a professional manner start to finish. From the estimate to the scheduling to the communication & handling the challenges, each step was seemless. Highly recommend!"





- Jason Rosenburg [More...]

"Did a great job on my remodel. Thank you so much."








- Frank & Marla Koot [More...]


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