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Great Links & Contacts To Support & Inspire Your Projects

Great Links inlcude a place where you can look at every color possible or somewhere you can design to see what your living room might look like with new flooring. Look for specific ideas on kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and so much more.

We are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities. This means referring you outside of Precision 702 to places that may have better resources, skills or abilities that we do not specialise in or offer ourselves. It’s never about us; it’s always about you, our clients, because everything deserves precision.


Check out the many links below to local affiliations we have had great experiences with, suppliers that have expert advise and support in their categories and websites that will help you to decide anything from finding and picking the perfect paint color to getting creative and designing your own ideas and visions!

We understand there are options out there and we love that we have the freedom to choose. After 20 years of industry experience in Las Vegas, here are some great

local vendors we have either experienced great things with or have had great feedback from clients about.

Although we cannot guarantee things on behalf of these affiliates and resources as they are independant of Precision 702 Property Maintenance, we have only included contacts/links that we have had great experiences with ourselves. We do not recieve anything from any of these contacts/links for sharing them except for our sincere wish that your experience in dealing with them have been as positive as ours was.

Finding The Right Support

Be clear on the the type of support you need. Is it advice, a professional to do the work, a place to buy the material, or  ideas on your next project? Know the support you want and you can move forward!



Find the desired link or contact from the list above and check them out to see if they are able to support you with what you need. If there is something missing please let us know. We'll make an addition and we're happy to help!



You know our core values of accountability, reliability, trust and integrity. If you disagree or have had a bad experience with any of our suggestions, we emcourage you to let us know!



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