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Our company is built on strong moral and family values. We operate our business with the belief that everything deserves precision. This belief is why our mission is to remain among the most trusted organizations in the Las Vegas community. Precision 702 will be a brand recognized and synonymous with Accountability, Reliability, Trust and Integrity.

Precision 702's Integrity 

A Few Words About Us


Our brand implies so much, purposely. Precision is not just in our name, it's who we are and what we do. If we’ve worked on it, we guarantee precision. It's that simple.


A wise man once said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Precision 702 was founded on that principal and we exist to live up to those expectations every day. It’s never about us; it’s always about you, our clients, because everything deserves precision.


With far more than 20 years of experience in the handyman, home improvement and construction industry, Precision 702 has the expertise. Where we excel is in the details. We have a long list of happy clients in the residential and commercial sector. We take care of our clients as we take care of our friends and families which simply means, we care. Reliability, accountability and trust. When you choose Precision 702 those values are what you can expect. Precision 702 was created for YOU. Thank you and we look forward to serving you.


Precision 702 has a focused vision opening its doors in 2016 with property maintenance (and handyman) services and expanding into our own general contracting license by 2020. Precision 702 is a locally known brand, a company that’s Accountable, Reliable and Trustworthy, with Integrity.


Precision 702 is builiding towards providing a free service or donation annually. Our way of giving back, thanking  and supporting our community for sticking with us through our journey and success. This "give back" will used to improve shelters, provide food and clothes for those in need, create a memorable Christmas for local families or to make it possible for someone less fortunate in our community to attend college.


Our intention is to grow our annual "give back" as our business grows. Over the next few years, watch as Precision 702 becomes an integral part of the Las Vegas, having successfully made a positive, recognizable difference in our community and in turn, the pleasure of calling our company a true, local, success.

A wise man once said “the best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Precision 702 was founded on that principal and we exist to live up to those expectations every day.


We believe that everything deserves precision. Beginning with our family and extending throughout our community. Precision 702 is a proud business that is accountable, reliable, trustworthy and with Integrity.

If your project takes a few minutes past an hour, you won’t be charged for another 30 minute block, there is no integrity in that. When our expert arrives and determines your project will take longer than originally discussed, we will always be upfront and clear in our communication to reach an agreement with you before we commence. Our integrity is... 

Without effective communication in place clients can feel frustrated, ripped off, unsure and lose confidence in what is going on. That is not Precision. We pride ourself in the ability to communicate effectively and keep you informed about what is happening throughout the entire process and we always welcome your feedback to improve. 

Your piece of mind is a priority. It's important to us that you are satisfied with the finished result and confident that it will last. That's why we offer a 12 month labor warranty on our workmanship. Because everything deserves precision.  

Everything deserves precision, not just our workmanship for you, but the way you are treated as well. Respect and courtesy is not something you need to ask for with us, it's your right and we are committed to extending this right to you at all times. 

Meet The Founder


We believe that success comes from the ability to work together, to serve others effectively and authentically in turning their visions into a reality. And as our client's suggest, PRECISION is the product of our work, experience, passion and our brand. 

Working With Precision

Simply jump on our contact page to give us a call or message us today. You can email: or visit:  and one of our team will always be happy to help you! 



One of our professionals will make their way over to perform an expert walkthrough of what you'd like to get done. Once we have confirmed the jobscope and come to an agreement, we'll get right on completing the job! 



Once the job' been completed, our professional leaves your place nice and clean for you to enjoy the work of precision. Thank you for giving us something so important to you, your attention... 



Precision 702's Guaranty 

With an extensive background in the construction industry, he has completed projects from large national franchise chain restaurants... [more...]


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