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Residential property maintenance means we can do whats necessary to repair and maintain your home. That's exactly why we offer the "residential property maintenance" solution for all your project needs at home.

Here's how it all works!


1. Get in touch!


2. Our professional will complete an onsite inspection with you to assess what you would like to get done. If the project will take more than a couple hours to complete Precision 702 will recommend a project estimate to complete the job rather than an hourly rate.


3. If we are able to give you an on-the-spot estimate we will do so otherwise we will communicate an ETA to get you the details you need.


4. An estimate will be provided and our professional will speak with you to either adjust, negotiate or answer any questions you may have on the estimate.


5. When you are happy to move ahead, we will schedule a time and day to complete the project and of course, you can count on us to turn up on time and complete your project with precision!


6. A final Inspection will be performed with you to confirm your satisfaction before we sign off on the project.



Because Your Projects Deserve Some TLC!

What's Included

We take care of our clients as we take care of friends and family which simply means, we sincerely care about you, our clients. We are reliable, trustworthy, and accountable. When you choose Precision 702 it are those values you can expect. If you want quality and relate to our values, Precision 702 was created for YOU.


Thank you for giving us something that is so important to you, your attention.


"Great service and professional. Great guys! Would highly recommend!"


- Ana Calderon [more...]

"Adam & Lyle handled the job in a professional manner start to finish. From the estimate to the scheduling to the communication & handling the challenges, each step was seemless. Highly recommend!"


- Jason Rosenburg [more...]



"All work done, very clean and professional. Thank you!"


- John Day [more...]


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