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Precision 702 Guaranty

Precision 702 Property Maintenance offers a 12 month labor guarantee because everything deserves precision.


For detailed view of our warranty please read the following:

This warranty supersedes all other advertisements or agreements, written or oral. For one (1) year from date of the contract, Precision 702 Property Maintenance will repair, free of charge, defects in workmanship for work performed under

the contract. Guarantee is for labor only, and does not apply to material failure, regular wear and tear, “acts of God",

a client’s change of mind regarding approval or negligence. Neither contract nor guarantee is transferable. Guarantee becomes effective when complete payment has been credited to Precision 702 Property Maintenance's account. There are no other guarantees expressed or implied and there is no liability for consequential damages of any nature or kind. Incomplete payment or separate payment, for any reason, may void the warranty and may result in a lien on your property. Any representations made by Precision 702 Property Maintenance other than those set forth on contract are hereby disclaimed by

Precision 702 Property Maintenance. Any agreements made beyond this contract to circumvent Precision 702 Property Maintenance will subject the parties to legal prosecution. Warranty repairs do not extend original warranty period. Precision 702 Property Maintenance has the right to refund a portion of cost in lieu of completion of work or warranty service. Warranty work is to be performed by the original craftsman, if available. If customer or the customer’s contractor modifies work performed by Precision 702 Property Maintenance in any way, warranty is void. Precision 702 Property Maintenance excludes certain repairs from its warranty. Items excluded but not limited to: roof repairs/leaks, gutter guards, leaky faucets/toilets (unless unit is replaced), blocked plumbing, caulking, grouting and electrical troubleshooting. Any selection relative to color, type, texture and style are sole responsibility of customer. Unless otherwise specified, quote is for one coat of paint only. No guarantee on matching color of existing paint or texture. Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issuance unless otherwise specified or accepted by Precision 702 Property Maintenance. Quote is for completing the job(s) described as written on the contract. It is based on the craftsman’s evaluation and does not include materials and/or additional labor which may be required should any unforeseen problems arise after the work has started.

All changes to original contract, whether due to additional work or due to concealed damages, must be made in writing, dated and signed by customer. Quotes are based on the craftsman listed doing the work. Another estimate will be required if this craftsman is unavailable for any reason. If the craftsman’s association with Precision 702 Property Maintenance terminates or he becomes unavailable before work has started or customer requests a different craftsman, either the customer or Precision 702 Property Maintenance may cancel the contract, and payment would be due based on work completed. If the customer wishes to have the work accomplished or completed, Precision 702 Property Maintenance will provide an equally qualified craftsman, who will develop a new estimate. Customer may supply all materials or may ask Precision 702 Property Maintenance to purchase and transport materials. Customer agrees to reimburse Precision 702 Property Maintenance for any materials purchased or supplied for use on work. Cost of materials is in addition to labor cost indicated on contract. Precision 702 Property Maintenance provides no warranty on materials and no reimbursement for materials will be made under any circumstances. Customer’s initials by job(s) authorize craftsman to begin work. Payment in full is due at completion of work authorized under the contract. Interim payments, payable only to Precision 702 Property Maintenance and equaling a percentage of work completed, must be arranged in advance through the Precision 702 Property Maintenance office. The customer agrees to pay all collection fees/legal fees/court costs resulting from any dispute between the parties regarding a contract. Signature on a contract indicates customer has inspected and accepted quality and completion of all work performed under contract. Surcharge of $25 will be assessed on all returned checks. Permits and utility flagging are sole responsibility of customer. All claims must be accompanied by contract. If any disputes other than nonpayment by customer arise and are not resolved, it is agreed to use binding arbitration to resolve any disputes between parties.



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