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Precision 702 Integrity

Accountability, Reliability, Trust & Integrity


If your project takes a few minutes past an hour, you won’t be charged for another 30 minute block, there is no integrity in that. When our expert arrives and determines your project will take longer than originally discussed, we will always be upfront and clear in our communication to reach an agreement with you before we commence. Our integrity is an important aspect of the way we operate and guarantee precision with our clients. It's part of our foundation.


First and foremost, we exist to serve you, our clients. If you are unsatisfied, confused or unsure about anything we encourage you to let us know. As great as we may be at communicating, we can't read minds and need you to be open with us about any of your concerns we may not have known to ensure you are always looked after to the level of service you deserve.





Communication Is Key


Our professionals are not only skilled tradespeople but have also been trained in the art of communication and "people skills".


We believe it is important for our clients to feel comfortable enough to communicate opennly to create transparency and the ability to work in collaboration to achieve your ideal results.


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